Subway Catering Menu Prices 2023

Looking for a delicious and quick lunch? You’re in luck because Subway Catering has a great menu that you can order online to be delivered right to your office or home. Subway catering service is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or even dessert.

Subway Catering

Subway Catering Menu

Subway provides fresh, healthy meals for those on the move, with a variety of menu options to suit any taste. Our food is made to order and delivered right to your door!

A new year means new resolutions- but eating healthily can be difficult when you’re always on the go! Thankfully, we offer delicious alternatives that will keep you feeling full for hours.

With a selection of pasta dishes like our hearty meatballs marinara and our cheesy five-cheese ravioli – not to mention sandwiches such as the Meatball Marinara sub or Veggie Delight sandwich.

It’s easy to find something tasty at Subway Catering. And don’t forget about desserts! We have sweet treats like cookies

Affordable Subway Catering Menu with Prices

Catering for a business meeting, your wedding day or a birthday party can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! Read on to find out about the affordable Subway catering prices offered by Subway restaurants.

It’s never too early to start planning an event and if you’re looking for an affordable option for catering, then Subway is one of your best bets.

With their diverse menu options and wide range of meal choices, they offer the opportunity to cater to any type of event without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality food.

Plus there are no hidden fees with this service so you know exactly what you’re paying upfront! It’s just as easy as picking up lunch from that same subway catering sandwich shop down the street but now trays full of.

The best thing about Subway Menu is that they have a variety of different foods to choose from. They also specialize in catering, which means you can order ahead of time for your next event or party.

If you are looking for an affordable way to cater your next event and want something quick and easy, then check out this post!

Subway Catering Platters

Subway Catering

If you’re looking for a catering company that does more than just sandwiches, check out the Subway Catering Menu Platters.

With fresh and ready-to-go platters that are made to order, sub-party platters Catering has something for everyone! Choose from our selection of chicken salad platters or meatball parmigiana subs!

All of our dishes come with high-quality ingredients like prosciutto ham and mozzarella cheese. Subway catering menu pricing is affordable for every event

Subway Catering Platters (Serves 5-9)
Classic Combo Platter$34.00
Customize Your Own Platter$36.50
Flavor Craver Platter$36.50
Subway Fresh Fit Platter$34.00

Subway To Go! Meal Menu with Prices

The new Subway To Go! Meal Menu is ready for you to order your favorites anytime, anywhere. With a menu that includes sandwiches and salads, there are plenty of options to get the meal you’re craving at any time of day.

The Subway To Go! Meal Menu features breakfast items like breakfast subs and a bagel with cream cheese (you can add bacon or ham) as well as lunch and dinner options including pasta salad, turkey breast sandwich, and the six-inch sub made with two loaves of bread, and more.

Subway To Go! Meal Menu
Subway To Go! 6-inch Meal$6.00
Subway To Go! Footlong Meal$8.00
Subway To Go Premium 6-inch!$6.25
Subway To Go Premium Footlong!$8.50

Subway Catering Sandwiches Prices

Subway Catering Sandwiches

With sub sandwich catering, you can order customized sandwiches that are delivered hot and ready to eat. Subway Catering offers a variety of options for any size event, Subway mini sandwiches ranging from full meals to snacks.

All our foods are freshly prepared in front of the customer to ensure quality and freshness – there’s no pre-made food at Subway!

Subway Catering Sandwiches
B.L.T. (6-inch)$4.25
B.L.T. (Footlong)$6.25
Black Forest Ham (6-inch)$4.25
Black Forest Ham (Footlong)$6.25
Cold Cut Combo (6-inch)$4.25
Cold Cut Combo (Footlong)$6.25
Italian B.M.T. (6-inch)$4.75
Italian B.M.T. (Footlong)$7.00
Roast Beef (6-inch)$5.75
Roast Beef (Footlong)$8.00
Spicy Italian (6-inch)$4.25
Spicy Italian (Footlong)$6.00
Subway Club (6-inch)$5.75
Subway Club (Footlong)$8.00
Tuna (6-inch)$4.75
Tuna (Footlong)$7.00
Turkey Breast (6-inch)$4.75
Turkey Breast (Footlong)$7.00
Veggie Delite (6-inch)$4.00
Veggie Delite (Footlong)$6.00

Subway Catering Giant Subs Menu with Prices

Subway Catering Services for people who are looking for an easy and convenient way to feed their guests. Giant catering platters have a wide variety of subs, salads, loaves of bread, and sides available.

Whether you’re planning a business meeting or party, they can help make it stress-free.

Subway Catering Giant Subs
3 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 10-12)$44.00
6 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 20-25)$84.00
9 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 25-30)$126.00
12 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 35-40)$168.00
15 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 40-50)$210.00
18 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 55-60)$252.00
21 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 60-65)$294.00
24 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 65-70)$336.00
27 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 70-75)$378.00

Subway Catering Menu Desserts Prices

Subway Desserts are a great way to end your meal. We have lots of tasty options like cookies and brownies, cheesecake bites, and even fudge sundaes!

Subway Catering Menu Desserts
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dozen)$6.00
Oatmeal Raisin (Dozen)$6.00
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (Dozen)$6.00
Cookie Platter (3 Dozen)$18.00

Subway Catering Menu Sides with Prices

Subway Catering Menu Sides
Apple Slices$1.50
Baked Lay’s Potato Chips$1.10
Doritos Nacho Cheese$1.10
Lay’s Classic Potato Chips$1.10
Sun Chips$1.10

Subway Catering Drinks Prices

Catering is a popular option for many companies that are looking for food services. However, it can be difficult to find the right drinks to have on hand at your event or party.

Subway Catering Drinks
Dasani Water$1.80
Coca-Cola Classic$1.80
Diet Coke$1.80
Vitamin Water$1.80

Top 6 Catering Alternatives to Subway for Delicious Sandwiches

  1. Jimmy John’s – Known for their speedy delivery and fresh sandwiches, they offer a variety of catering options including party platters and boxed lunches.
  2. Jersey Mike’s Subs – With a wide selection of subs and sandwiches, they provide catering solutions ideal for events and parties.
  3. Panera Bread – Besides their famous bread, they offer soups, salads, and sandwiches, making their catering options diverse for any occasion.
  4. Firehouse Subs – Known for their hearty and hot subs, they’re a great choice for those looking for something a bit spicier..
  5. Potbelly Sandwich Shop – Serving toasty warm sandwiches, soups, and salads, they are a popular choice for casual catering needs.
  6. Jason’s Deli – They have a wide variety of options from sandwiches to pasta, providing diverse choices for catered events.

Pros of Subway Catering Menu

People enjoy eating Subway not only because of its taste but also because of its nutritional value. Subway prides itself on providing healthy meals to its customers.

Subway provides catering delivery services. Delivery is considered free if the meal purchase is over $75. Subway must be notified of large orders at least two days before the event.

Subway Catering Reviews

Subway is a popular choice for catering, and it’s not hard to see why. The food is fresh and tasty, and there’s something for everyone.

Subway catering is also very reasonably priced, making it a great option for budget-conscious event planners.

But how do Subways catering stack up in terms of quality and service? To find out, we talked to some Subways catering customers and asked them to share their thoughts.

Overall, Subway catering was given high marks for both quality and service. customers were especially pleased with the freshness of the food and the helpfulness of the staff.

One customer even said that Subway catering was the best catering experience she had ever had! If you’re looking for a caterer that can provide great food and excellent service, Subway’s catering is definitely worth considering.

Subway Customer Support

FAQs Regarding Subways Catering

How many people will a subway Catering platter feed?

Create your own delectable platter with 15 portions of up to 5 different Subway® sub-flavors! Perfect for a party or get-together, serving a crowd size of between 5 and 9 people.

What is in a Subway lunchbox?

Enjoy a complete meal in one convenient package with Subway’s Lunchbox! Each box comes packed with the perfect combo of a 6”/12” sub, bottled drink, chip, and cookie to satisfy your hunger.

How far in advance do I need to order a Subway platter?

For those looking to treat their guests with the deliciousness of Subway, we recommend ordering a platter at least 24 hours ahead for the best results.

How many people will a 6-foot Subways sub feed?

Subways make it easy to feed a crowd: their generously sized 6ft Sub can accommodate up to 24 hungry guests!

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