Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu Prices 2024

Delight your guests with the exquisite variety offered by Jersey Mike’s catering, where the essence of Northeast-style cuisine marries convenience in every bite. The newly-revealed Jersey Mike’s subs catering menu for 2024 is curated to tantalize every palate, featuring an array of salads, baked cookies, and much more, all presented with the brand’s signature quality and flavor.

In addition to the mouthwatering food, Jersey Mike’s ensures a seamless dining experience by also catering utensils and napkins, enveloped appealingly in a Jersey Mikes catering box, ensuring that your gatherings are as effortless as they are delicious.

Jersey Mike's Catering menu

Navigate through a spectrum of choices with clear Jersey Mike’s prices for catering and strategic categorization, which not only affords clarity but also allows you to plan your event with precision and ease.

Engage in a culinary journey where top-notch service, affordable catering menu prices in 2024 at Jersey mikes, and a vibrant range of offerings converge to create memorable dining experiences for you and your esteemed guests.

Jersey Mikes Catering Prices

Jersey Mike’s Menu Catering touts a range of offerings that cater to varied dietary and event needs, delivering individually packaged options like Assorted Box Lunches and an array of beverages.

Jersey Mikes Catering Menu Prices

With a nod to sweet cravings, their dessert selections of cookies and brownies invite a sweet closure to any meal. Despite their vast menu, gluten-free options appear limited, while a number of vegetarian choices like Assorted Chips open a window to inclusivity.

Price points vary, ensuring suitable options for varied budget brackets, all while promising a taste of Jersey Mike’s renowned subs in a catering context.

Assorted Box Lunches

Item DescriptionPrice
Individual Packaging – Includes choice of sub, chips, and a cookie.$11.00

Jersey Mike’s offers a diverse and delicious Jersey Mike’s Subs menu with options ranging from classic subs to boxed lunches, all priced to provide great value and taste.

Subs By the Box

Item DescriptionPrice
Individual Packaging – Serves 10 – Choice of four sub types.$79.95


Sub ItemDescriptionPrice
#14 The Veggie SubWith Swiss, provolone, and green bell peppers.$6.40
#7 Turkey & Provolone SubIndividual Packaging$6.65
#10 Tuna Fish SubIndividual Packaging$6.65
#5 The Super SubWith provolone, ham, prosciuttini, and capicola.$6.65
#2 Jersey Shore Favorite SubWith provolone, ham, and capicola.$6.40
#3 The American Classic SubWith ham and provolone.$6.40


Assorted Individual Bags of Chips$1.85


Dessert ItemServesPrice
Assorted Cookies12$12.95


Beverage ItemPrice
Assorted Bottled Drinks$2.95

Exploring Sub Sandwich Chains as Alternatives to Jersey Mike’s

  • Subway: Renowned for customizable subs, pick your bread, meat, cheese, toppings, and sauces. Also, enjoy salads, wraps, and sides.
  • Firehouse Subs: Founded by firefighters, they serve hot subs with high-quality ingredients. Salads, wraps, and sides are also on the menu.
  • Jimmy John’s: Known for speedy, fresh sandwiches, offering subs, wraps, and sides.
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop: Fresh-made sandwiches and milkshakes shine here. Explore subs, wraps, salads, and sides.

Effortless Catering Ordering with Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike's Catering Orders

1. Mobile Ordering Simplified

Indulge in flavorful sandwiches with just a few taps! Here’s how you can order through our mobile app:

  • Download the App: Available on Google Play and the Apple Store.
  • Locate a Store: Tap the ‘Find a Store/Order Now’ button, and the app will display nearby stores based on your location.
  • Select Your Store: Choose your preferred location to view its operational hours and contact details.
  • Place Your Order: Dial the displayed contact number and place your order directly!

2. Convenient Browser-Based Pick-Up Orders

Enjoy delectable sandwiches without leaving your home by ordering through your computer. Follow these easy steps:

  • Navigate to Our Ordering Platform: Visit
  • Find the Closest Store: Enter your city, state, or zip code to locate the nearest Jersey Mike’s.
  • Start Your Order: Click the ‘Order’ button, and choose to either log in with your Jersey Mike’s membership or continue as a guest.
  • Provide Your Details: Fill in your contact information and select ‘Pickup at Store’ as your order type.
  • Choose Your Favorites: Click ‘Choose My Items’ to select from the menu, and customize your order with desired bread, toppings, flavors, drinks, and extras.
  • Pickup Preferences: Specify your desired pickup date and time.
  • Earn Rewards: Members can earn Shore Points® Rewards on each order.
  • Additional Options: Consider leaving a tip or applying a promotional code before proceeding to ‘Review + Pay’.
  • Complete Your Order: Choose your payment method, review your order, and click ‘Place Order’ to finalize.

Jersey Mike’s Customer Services

Jersey Mikes Menu Catering Reviews

Jersey Mike’s Subs Catering has received a myriad of reviews nationally, illustrating a panorama of customer experiences and service quality. From Chicago, Illinois to Visalia, California, the fresh and customizable sandwich options have earned praise for quality and consistency.

However, experiences vary, with some customers, like those in Mount Vernon, Ohio, noting potential areas of improvement in delivery precision.

While largely commended for their delectable offerings and reliable service in locations like Pensacola, Florida, some instances of operational hiccups, like in Baltimore, Maryland, underscore moments for potential refinement.

Overall, the experiences weave a tapestry that balances between general satisfaction and punctuated insights for service enhancement.

FAQs Catering Menu

How many people does a giant Jersey Mike’s feed?

Jersey Mike’s 14-inch Giant Sandwich is a generous meal at an affordable price – perfect for feeding two hungry stomachs! With its classic flavor and sizable portion, this sandwich offers value well beyond the modest $14.25 asking fee.

What size are Jersey Mike’s subs in a box?

Keep everyone well-fed with our 10 Sub Box! This box comes with 4 Giant Subs, each 15 inches long and cut into 24 pieces. Every piece is individually wrapped for your convenience—perfect for sharing or to enjoy one at a time.

What does Jersey Mike’s give you on your birthday?

Birthdays just got even better – each year you’ll receive an extra 72 Shore Points® towards a free regular sub and 8 points to save up for the next reward! Celebrate your special day with plenty of deliciousness.

What’s the difference between Jersey Giant and Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s offers a compact 7-inch sub while the Jersey Giant sandwich stands tall with its 15 inches.

What is Jersey Mike’s most popular sub?

Jersey Mike’s most beloved sandwich is their Turkey and Provolone sub. Piled high with turkey, provolone cheese, onions, tomatoes and other delicious toppings on freshly-baked bread, it’s no wonder why it continues to be a top choice!


In conclusion, Catering at Jersey Mike’s 2024 intertwines unparalleled service, gastronomical delight, and affordable pricing into a seamless catering experience.

With an extensive array of options, clear pricing, and convenient ordering methods, Jersey Mike’s stands out as a premium choice for catering events that promise not only a feast for the taste buds but also an effortless, enjoyable gathering.

Ensure your events in 2024 are marked with memorable flavors and impeccable service with Jersey Mike’s comprehensive catering options.

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