Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu Prices 2023 with Reviews

Jersey Mike’s catering is one of the most pleasing things that can happen to you. There is a variety of salads, baked cookies, and Northeast-style food that you can cater to Jersey Mikes.

By ordering at Jersey Mike’s, you will get ready to serve food in a very short time. The best thing about Jersey Mike’s is that it also caters to utensils and napkins along with food

Jersey Mike's Catering

All About Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s is one of the top-notched food brands in the USA. It is famous for its friendly staff members and efficient restaurant services.

Jersey Mike’s restaurant always shows a profound alacrity to deal with the customers. The Northeast cuisine of Jersey Mike’s serves the customers with hot cookies, different types of fresh salads, and whatnot

The menu of the Jersey Mike’s restaurant provides convenience to the customers with which, the customers can place an order without any confusion.

The menu of the Jersey Mike’s restaurant displays all types of food that the restaurant offers to its customers. The menu is divided into different categories giving information about different food items along with their prices.

Affordable Jersey Mike’s Catering Prices

Customers can view Jersey Mike’s Catering prices and the food items present in the menu through the official website of the Jersey Mike’s restaurant.

Ordering the food online gives digital reward offers to customers in order to motivate them to order the food. The customers can also track their rewards n the same web portal of the website.

Jersey Mikes Catering Menu with Prices

Jersey Mikes Catering Menu Prices

Jersey Mike’s Catering Sub Trays Prices

Jersey Mike’s Sub TraysPrices
Sub Tray for 10 – Assorted Subs$54.95
Sub Tray for 10 – You Pick Em$54.95

Jersey Mike’s Catering Salads Prices

Jersey Mike’s Catering SaladsServesPrices
Tossed Salad TrayServes 10$19.99
Grilled Chicken Salad TrayServes 10$19.99

Jersey Mike’s Catering Box Lunches Prices

Jersey Mike’s Box Lunches – Regular Size SubSizesPrices
Add a beverage for an additional $1.50.  
Assorted Box LunchesRegular$9.25
American Classic Box LunchRegular$9.25
The Super Sub Box LunchRegular$9.25
Tuna Fish Box LunchRegular$9.25
The Original Italian Box LunchRegular$9.25
Jersey Shores Favorite Box LunchRegular$9.25
The Veggie Box LunchRegular$9.25
Turkey Breast & Provolone Box LunchRegular$9.25
Famous Roast Beef & Provolone BoxRegular$9.25
Club Sub Box LunchRegular$9.25
Club Supreme Box LunchRegular$9.25

Jersey Mike’s Catering Box Lunches – Mini Size Sub Prices

Jersey Mike’s Box Lunches – Mini Size SubSizesPrices
Add a beverage for an additional $1.50.  
Assorted Box LunchesMini$7.25
American Classic Box LunchMini$7.25
The Super Sub Box LunchMini$7.25
Tuna Fish Box LunchMini$7.25
The Original Italian Box LunchMini$7.25
Jersey Shores Favorite Box LunchMini$7.25
The Veggie Box LunchMini$7.25
Turkey Breast & Provolone Box LunchMini$7.25
Famous Roast Beef & Provolone BoxMini$7.25
Club Sub Box LunchMini$7.25
Club Supreme Box LunchMini$7.25

Jersey Mike Catering Extras Prices

Jersey Mike’s ExtrasSizesPrices
Brownie Tray1 Dozen$10.95
Individual Brownie $1.89
Cookie Tray1 Dozen$6.95
Individual Cookie $0.65

Jersey Mikes Catering Premium Salads Prices

Jersey Mike’s Premium SaladsSizesPrices
Mikes SaladPer Person$5.95
Feta SaladPer Person$5.95
Mikes SaladTray$24.95
Feta SaladTray$24.95
Gorgonzola SaladPer Person$5.95
Chef SaladPer Person$7.95
Gorgonzola SaladTray$24.95
Chef SaladTray$34.95

Jersey Mike’s Beverages Prices

Jersey Mike’s BeveragesSizesPrices
Sweetened Iced TeaGalon$5.99
Unsweetened Iced TeaGalon$5.99
Bottled Sodas $2.29
Bottled Water $1.99
Assorted Specialty Bottled Drinks $2.29

All about Jersey Mike’s Catering Orders

Whether you want to order submarine sandwiches or cheese sandwiches, you can place an order with full convenience. When you want to place the order quickly and without any hassle, you can order the food at the nearest branch of Jersey Mike’s.

Jersey Mike's Catering Orders

If you don’t know whether or not there is any branch near you, you can search Jersey Mike’s catering near me. After finding out near branch, placing an order will let you know how time will the restaurant take to access you with your order

Customers can place an order through the phone number of the restaurant. The customers should ensure that the food is ordered at the branch of the restaurant.

In order to place an order through the website, the customer is required to make an account on the web portal of the restaurant.

After making the account, the customer needs to log in to the portal whenever he needs to place an order. No matter which platform is used to place an order, the customer should ensure that he knows Jersey Mike’s catering price.

A part of Jersey Mike’s profit is assigned for charitable work. In this way, Jersey Mike’s restaurant takes care of the community.

If the customer is to pick the order from the restaurant, he can place the order and then receive the food after 10 to 15 minutes. The time taken by the Jersey Mike’s depends on the branch where the customer places the order

Ordering food at Jersey Mike’s Catering

As has been mentioned earlier, the catering services of Jersey Mike’s are very efficient and quick.

Whether you place an order while sitting at the Jersey Mike’s restaurant or while being at home, you are required to follow three steps to access the delicious food of the Jersey Mike’s restaurant.

  1. Figure out the number of people whom you have to order the food.
  2. Place an order on the official website of Jersey Mike’s or on the phone
  3. Your food will be delivered to you in a very short time as compared to other catering service providers.

While placing the order, it should be ensured that you give at least 24 hours to Jersey Mike’s catering services to complete your order if you place the order in bulk for a large group of people.

Jersey Mike’s Reward For Customers

In order to encourage the customers to place an order, the customers are awarded points. These points are awarded every time a customer places an order. The points keep on adding.

When the points become plentiful, the customer can redeem them and can receive the wrap or any other food item in exchange for points. The number of points the customer redeems tells which order the customer can place.

Jersey Mike’s Catering Reviews

Jersey Mike’s Catering is a popular choice for many events, both large and small. The company is known for its delicious sub sandwiches, as well as its variety of sides and desserts.

Jersey Mike’s Catering Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with customers stating that the food is always fresh and flavorful. The staff is also praised for being professional and accommodating.

Jersey Mike’s is a great option for anyone looking to add some excitement to their event. With a wide selection of menu items and a reputation for excellence, Jersey Mike’s is sure to please even the most discerning palate.


How many people does a giant Jersey Mike’s feed?

Jersey Mike’s 14-inch Giant Sandwich is a generous meal at an affordable price – perfect for feeding two hungry stomachs! With its classic flavor and sizable portion, this sandwich offers value well beyond the modest $14.25 asking fee.

What size are Jersey Mike’s subs in a box?

Keep everyone well-fed with our 10 Sub Box! This box comes with 4 Giant Subs, each 15 inches long and cut into 24 pieces. Every piece is individually wrapped for your convenience—perfect for sharing or to enjoy one at a time.

What does Jersey Mike’s give you on your birthday?

Birthdays just got even better – each year you’ll receive an extra 72 Shore Points® towards a free regular sub and 8 points to save up for the next reward! Celebrate your special day with plenty of deliciousness.

What’s the difference between Jersey Giant and Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s offers a compact 7-inch sub while the Jersey Giant sandwich stands tall with its 15 inches.

What is Jersey Mike’s most popular sub?

Jersey Mike’s most beloved sandwich is their Turkey and Provolone sub. Piled high with turkey, provolone cheese, onions, tomatoes and other delicious toppings on freshly-baked bread, it’s no wonder why it continues to be a top choice!

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