Kroger Catering Menu Prices 2023 [Party Platters + Party Trays]

Kroger Catering Menu Review: When preparing for your festive events, Kroger catering menu should be your go-to. The extensive Kroger catering menu prices ensure there’s something to fit every budget.

For poultry enthusiasts, the Kroger chicken catering menu presents irresistible options. With an extensive Kroger catering menu and prices that won’t break the bank, you’re in for a treat.

Starting with their deli selection, Kroger offers more than ten diverse platter choices, including enticing charcuterie boards, an array of meat and cheese trays, and the ever-popular salami party trays. Their veggie and snack trays are perfect for large gatherings.

kroger catering menu

For those with a penchant for appetizers, Kroger’s antipasto, olive platters, and the fiesta dip selection are a hit. Morning events shine with their strudel bites and mini muffin options.

The catering menu boasts party trays bursting with fresh veggies, fruits, and even a Caesar salad option. Sandwich lovers will appreciate the sandwich and party sub platters, which feature assorted sandwiches, mini croissants, pita pocket sandwiches, and more.

The Boar’s Head brand makes a special appearance with a delightful pinwheel platter. If you’re looking for smaller portions, the Kroger catering menu prices are reasonable for their small party platters, which include favorites like chicken tenders and pinwheels.

No party is complete without wings and ribs. That’s where the roasted bone-in wings, chicken tenders, and baby back ribs on the Kroger chicken catering menu come into play. Additionally, they offer baked chicken platters in multiple sizes, complemented by fried chicken trays.

For a touch of elegance, consider adding Kroger’s premium sushi platters to your spread. To satisfy the sweet tooth, their dessert platters featuring brownies, cookies, and cheesecakes are a must-have.

And for cheese aficionados, their specialty cheese platters are the top sellers, ensuring your party is both memorable and delicious.

Kroger Catering Prices for Party Platters & Party Trays

Kroger Catering menu offers a diverse range of affordable party platters tailored for every occasion. From deli selections to gourmet cheese trays, their menu provides quality without compromising on cost.

Explore their extensive offerings and find the perfect platter to elevate your next gathering.

Kroger Catering Party Trays Menu with Prices

The Kroger Catering Party Trays Menu showcases a diverse range of gourmet options with varied price points.

Kroger Catering menu with Prices

From Kroger’s Ham & Turkey & Cheese Tray to the indulgent Deluxe Meat & Cheese Lovers Sampler from Columbus, the offerings cater to different tastes and occasions.

The selection further includes exquisite gift baskets and boxes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Brand/TypeItemsServing SizePrice
Ham & Turkey & Cheese Tray23.5 oz.$16.99
Tasting Board: Charcuterie12.5 oz.$16.99
Deluxe Meat & Cheese Lovers Sampler Tray$143.29
Private Selection
Gourmet Cracker Cuts Cheese Pack16 oz.$9.99
igourmet’s Favorites – 4 Cheese Sampler$64.98
A Rustic Winter Holiday Tray$64.99
Simply Savory Gourmet Snack Tray$95.40
Gift Basket
Thinking Of You – Gourmet$99.99
The Kosher Gourmet Gift Basket$72.24
Savory Sophistication Gourmet$68.39
Classic Favorites$77.07
Gift Box
Cheeses for Steak/Wine Lover$109.99
Set of Swiss Fondue Cheeses38.5 oz.$89.98
Cheese Sampler and Assortment26.2 oz.$84.98
4 Gourmet Cheese Sampler$99.98
Bacon Lover’s Feast2.6 lbs.$89.99
gourmet Compassionate Thoughts Gourmet26.5 oz.$89.99
igourmet Compassionate Thoughts Gourmet$94.98

Kroger Catering Party Platters Prices

The Kroger Catering Party Platters menu offers a plethora of delectable choices across multiple brands, each crafted for diverse palates.

kroger catering menu

From Hormel’s Honey Ham Turkey & Cheese combo to Boar’s Head’s exclusive Charcuterie selections, the range promises quality and flavor. Moreover, Kroger’s own Ham, Turkey & Cheese Tray and the Columbus brand’s savory pretzel tray highlight the expansive culinary spectrum available.

For those with a discerning taste, the Gift Box section features gourmet cheese assortments, perfect for sophisticated events or personal indulgence.

Brand/TypeItemsServing SizeCaloriesPrice
Hormel Gatherings
Honey Ham Turkey & Cheese (with accompaniments)28 oz.105 avg.$14.99
Supreme Party Tray2.48 lb.30$20.99
Private Selection
Gourmet Cracker Cuts Cheese Pack16 oz.$9.99
Boar’s Head
Charcuterie Trio6 oz.100$9.99
Hard Salami & Smoked Gouda Duo6 oz.210$7.99
Charcuterie Meat & Cheese Tray12 oz.110$14.99
Ham, Turkey & Cheese Tray23.5 oz.30$16.99
Snack Bites Party Tray23.5 oz.120$16.99
Pepperoni Salami Cheese Tray23.5 oz.$16.99
Tasting Board: Charcuterie12.5 oz.$16.99
Small No Dip Vegetable Tray19.5 oz.$9.99
Savory Pretzel Tray18.5 oz.260$9.99
Gift Box
Cheeses for Steak/Wine Lover$109.99
Set of Swiss Fondue Cheeses38.5 oz.$89.98
Igourmet’s 4 Cheese Sampler30 oz.$64.98
French Cheeses Assortment30.5 oz.$84.98

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The Kroger Catering menu embodies versatility and culinary excellence, catering to a vast array of tastes and preferences.

From classic charcuterie selections to gourmet cheese assortments, Kroger ensures quality and flavor in every platter. Whether hosting an event or indulging in personal treats, their diverse offerings guarantee satisfaction for every palate.

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