Mexican Food Catering – Top 10 Mexican Food Catering in USA

Whether there is an office get-together held outdoors or socially distanced parties, Mexican food catering knows to wow their clients by providing quality services at affordable rates.

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 Mexican food catering provides an excellent opportunity for their customers to relish authentic and mouthwatering Mexican food. You can experience their highly professional and punctual service which never compromises over quality.

Mexican food catering has provided high-quality food items for hundreds of weddings, parties, anniversary celebrations, business meetings, and office gatherings.

Their chefs have a great instinct for quality Mexican cuisines, they deliver fresh hot, and ready-to-serve food at your event within the decided time.

Catering Mexican food is one of the most popular questions that pop up in your mind if you are planning any get-together as Mexican food is something that never fails to impress the guests.

People of every age group love to have Mexican food.

Top 10 Best Mexican Catering Restaurants in USA

1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

  • Catering Menu: Chipotle Catering is renowned for its “build-your-own” style menu. For catering, this is translated into customizable taco and burrito bars, where customers choose their meat or vegetarian options, beans, rice, and toppings.
  • Special Items: Their sofritas (tofu) is a favorite for vegetarians and vegans. The cilantro-lime rice, both white and brown, is another distinct item.

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2. Qdoba Mexican Eats

  • Catering Menu: Qdoba Catering offers a hot bar option for catering, where customers can make nachos, tacos, or bowls. The menu includes grilled chicken, steak, and vegetarian options.
  • Special Items: They’re widely known for their 3-cheese queso and hand-smashed guacamole.

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3. El Torito

  • Catering Menu: This restaurant focuses more on traditional Mexican cuisine. Their catering offers items like enchiladas, carnitas, tamales, and flautas.
  • Special Items: Their Cadillac Margarita is a standout. Also, their table-side guacamole preparation is popular among patrons.

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4. Moe’s Southwest Grill

  • Catering Menu: Moe’s catering setup allows customers to create tacos, burritos, and salads. They offer a variety of proteins, including tofu, and a wide range of fresh toppings.
  • Special Items: Apart from Moe’s Famous Queso, their free chips and salsa with every order is a hit.

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5. On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina

  • Catering Menu: Known for their fresh tortillas and mesquite-grilled meats, On the Border catering menu includes favorites like enchilada platters, empanadas, and fajita buffets.
  • Special Items: Their Mesquite Grilled Chicken and the ‘Guacamole Live!’ where guacamole is made fresh in front of guests.

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6. Baja Fresh

  • Catering Menu: Baja Fresh is known for its commitment to fresh ingredients. The Baja Fresh catering service encompasses a range of offerings, from party packs to family meals. The menu includes burrito boxes, taco bars, and fajita fiestas.
  • Special Items: Their Baja bowl, a flavorful combination of rice, beans, and choice of protein, topped with fresh salsa, onions, and cilantro.

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7. Del Taco

  • Catering Menu: Del Taco offers a mix of American fast food with Mexican favorites. Their catering menu boasts various taco platters, burritos, and the fresco bowls.
  • Special Items: Their crinkle-cut fries paired with their various tacos is a fan favorite, and the churros are a delightful dessert addition.

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8. La Salsa

  • Catering Menu: La Salsa offers a “Fresh Mexican Grill” approach. Their catering services include taco bars, burrito boxes, and salad bowls.
  • Special Items: The “Original Gourmet Soft Taco” with grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce, and tomato, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla is a standout. Additionally, their fresh salsa bar is noteworthy.

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  • Address: 9311 E Via De Ventura, Scottsdale AZ 85258
  • Phone Number: (866) 4-KAHALA (866-452-4252)
  • Email: [email protected]

9. Rubio’s Coastal Grill

  • Catering Menu: Rubio’s is famed for its coastal-inspired menu. Rubio’s Catering offerings include taco bars, burrito platters, and enchilada trays.
  • Special Items: Sustainable seafood options, such as the grilled shrimp and wild-caught mahi mahi. The “Original Fish Taco” is also a beloved choice.

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10. Cafe Rio

  • Catering Menu: Known for made-from-scratch meals, Cafe Rio’s catering services include taco fiestas, enchilada parties, and salad feasts.
  • Special Items: Their Sweet Pork Barbacoa and Hand-Made Tortillas are especially popular among patrons.

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Mexican Food Catering Customized boxed meals

Mexican food truck catering also has customized boxed meals which makes it easy for you to plan and decide an ideal and flavorful meal for your guest. They also have built your hot bars to help your guest create anything from nachos to burrito bowls, they can pile them up with flavored toppings just according to their taste.

mexican food truck catering

Boxed meals are easy to serve and go great for any occasion. People usually get excited to see boxed meals. Boxed meals contain freshly made chips, salsa, and a sweet treat for your guests as well. Their team knows well what sort of food items are always liked by clients and make sure to make those food items a priority in boxed meals.

Trained staff in Mexican food catering

Mexican food wedding catering is very much popular among other food caterings as they are good at providing their services to large gatherings.

So if you are worried that how you are going to feed all your guests smoothly, they got it covered for you. Their trained staff works very professionally to give their very best making you tension free.

Delivery services of Mexican food catering

They have options for you if you want to pick up your order they pack it very carefully so that you can pick it up from the restaurant. But if you want to get your package delivered at your station they do that too. You have to select a warming kit so that your food is kept warm and fresh for your party.

You can also take your party to the next level by taking the full services of Mexican food catering in san Diego which include banquet equipment, decoration, and staff as well. Their staff is highly professional, trained to perform their duties devotedly.

Mexican Catering: Suitable for big and small gatherings

Mexican catering food provides its services to both small-scale events and large gatherings as well. One of the appealing things about Mexican food catering is that their menu is so diverse and has so much variety to make your guests happy.

mexican food truck catering

Their team will arrange a meeting with you to answer all your queries if you have in mind how much food do I get for catering Mexican for 80 people or how much food for catering 50 people Mexican food they will guide you completely and then will design an ideal package for you within your range.

Efficient team

Their team responds to work 24/7 answering your phone and emails so that the whole task can be done smoothly without any issues.

Timely delivery, professional staff, and great quality of food are some of the reasons catering to Mexican food from them are loved by the customers. So if you are wondering how to get catering of Mexican food near you then you should avail this offer as it will never disappoint you.

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