Acme Catering Menu With Prices 2023

Acme Catering elevates any occasion with its sophisticated, full-service offerings. Whether it’s an intimate birthday celebration or a lavish wedding, Acme ensures every guest is met with vibrant flair and a memorable culinary experience.

We boast specialized menus tailored to different occasions: weddings, corporate functions, and various social gatherings. Our offerings range from dedicated pasta and breakfast menus to versatile options that cater to every preference.

Acme Catering

Interested in a venue? Acme Catering provides access to six exquisite community rooms at no additional cost, each accommodating up to 80 guests. For a more personalized touch, connect with us via email to discuss custom menus and expert event planning.

For weddings, our curated selections include favorites like the welcoming table and the playful, casual menu. You can opt for elegant buffets, classic dinners, or both.

Meat enthusiasts will rave about our barbecue offerings, while our late-night menu spans an array of delectable choices, from taco bars to cookie stands.

In the corporate realm, we’re adept at ensuring the success of meetings, conferences, and business luncheons. Select from boxed lunches, breakfast, brunch, dinner specialties, pasta pans, party trays, and even desserts.

For those with a penchant for seafood, our extensive seafood menu, available on our official website, spans from appetizing starters to delectable desserts.

Pasta lovers will appreciate our dedicated section highlighting six sumptuous pasta pans, meticulously crafted by Acme’s skilled chefs. From the classic Lasagna and Chicken Alfredo to the enticing Penne, we cater to all pasta preferences.

For morning events, commence the day with our delightful breakfast spread. Choose from continental breakfast options, scrumptious buffets, savory pastries, and even Italian omelets. And naturally, a selection of coffees and teas completes the menu.

The Acme Legacy

Established in 1891, Acme Fresh Market began its journey as a humble grocery chain. Today, it has grown exponentially, diversifying its offerings with the burgeoning Acme Catering. This ambitious project, true to Acme’s spirit, continues to dazzle clients with exquisite culinary experiences across various locations.

Like all ventures, Acme’s journey has been marked by challenges and triumphs. Yet, through every high and low, its commitment to the community remained unwavering, brimming with enthusiasm and pride.

With time, Acme evolved and adapted. Stores underwent renovations, and new outlets sprouted, first making their mark in Ohio and eventually establishing a robust presence online.

But Acme’s commitment isn’t just limited to providing top-notch services; it extends to giving back to the community. Today, Acme Catering actively participates in charitable endeavors. Adding a sprinkle of joy to the festive season, Acme’s mascots distribute “Kid Dollars” and orchestrate Christmas tours, creating unforgettable memories for children every year.

From its modest beginnings to its present-day magnificence, Acme’s story is one of dedication, innovation, and community spirit.

Acme Catering Menu with Prices in 2023

Acme Catering Wedding Catering Buffet Menu with Prices

Acme Catering Wedding Catering Buffet
Acme Wedding Catering BuffetPrice
Buffet Salad
Bistro Salad with Two Dressing, Dinner Rolls, and Butter
Buffet Dinner
Herb Baked Chicken, Potatoes, and Green Beans
Coffee + Sliced Cake


Acme Catering Grand Welcome Display Menu with Prices

Grand Welcome DisplayPrice
Buffet Salad
Cole Slaw with Dinner Rolls and Butter
Buffet Dinner
Brisket, BBQ Chicken, macaroni, Cheese
Coffee + Sliced Cake


Acme Catering Elegant Welcome Display Menu with Prices

Elegant Welcome DisplayPrice
Buffet Salad
Strawberry Salad, Signature Poppy Seed Dressing, Dinner Rolls, and Butter
Buffet Dinner
Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Breast, Potatoes, and Vegetables
Coffee + Sliced Cake


Acme Catering Buffet Menu with Prices

Acme Catering Buffet
Buffet MenuPrice
Choose 2 Entrees, 2 Side Dishes, 1 Salad,  Rolls & Butter$18.99
Choose 1 Entree, 1 Salad, 2 Side Dishes, plus Rolls & Butter$15.99
Tossed Green, Red Skin Potato, Vegetable Pasta, Macaroni, Creamy Coleslaw
Swiss Steak, Bone-In Herb Baked Chicken, Sliced Ham, Sliced Roast Turkey Breast, Beef TipsBaked Penne, Italian Sausage, and Peppers
Side Dishes
Green Beans, Macaroni and Cheese, Buttered Noodles, Mashed Potatoes, Au Gratin Potatoes, Scalloped Potatoes, Vegetables, Oven Roasted Red Skins, Rice Pilaf

Acme Catering Barbecue Menu with Prices


Acme Catering Barbecue
Barbecue MenuPrice
Italian Sausage and Peppers$4.00
Chicken Breast (Boneless)$5.00
Bone-In Chicken (Herb Breaded)$3.50
Smoked Brisket$7.00
Mini Beef Slider Burger$2.25
Bone-In Chicken$3.50
Pulled Pork Slider$2.25
Pulled Pork$3.75
Pulled Chicken Slider$3.00
Pulled Chicken$5.00
Mini Beef Hot Dog$2.00
Hot Dog$2.50

Acme Catering Sides Menu with Prices

Acme Catering Sides
Fresh Fruit Tray$3.50
Fruit Kabobs$1.50
Buttered Green Beans$2.00
Bacon Baked Beans and Brown Sugar$2.00
Bacon Mac and Smoked Gouda & Cheese$3.99
Cheese and White Cheddar Mac$3.00
Pasta Salad$2.50
Cheese & Bacon Salad, Marinated Broccoli $2.50
Tomato, Cucumber & Onion Salad$2.50
Zesty Cole Slaw$1.75
Mashed Potatoes (Sweet)$2.50
Cheese Potatoes$2.50
Potato (Stuffed Baked) Salad$2.95
Potato (Red Skin) Salad$2.50

Acme Catering Dinner Menu with Prices

Acme Catering Dinner
Acme Catering Dinner MenuPrice
Plated Chicken Entrée
Chicken Piccata, Parmesan & Panko Crusted Chicken Breast, Mediterranean

Plated Seafood Entrée
Shrimp Newburg, Pan Seared Mahi Mahi
Plated Beef Entrée
Filet of Sirloin, Boneless Beef Short Ribs


Acme Catering Emerald Buffet Menu with Prices

Acme Catering Emerald Buffet
Emerald Buffet MenuPrice
Choose Entree
BBQ Chicken
Herb Baked Chicken
Glazed Baked Ham
Lasagna Roulades
Cabbage Rolls
Italian Sausage & Peppers
Burgundy Braised Beef Tips Add $3.00
Roast Beef au Jus Add $3.00

Acme Catering Ruby Buffet Menu with Prices

Acme Catering Ruby Buffet
Ruby Buffet MenuPrice
Featured Entrée$29.99
Choose Featured Entrée
Pork Tenderloin de Firenze
Chicken Marsala
Champagne Chicken
Beef Tournedos
Roast Chicken
Braised Beef BrisketAdd $3.00
Top Sirloin au Jus (House Seasoned Roast)Add $3.00

Acme Catering Welcome Tables Menu with Prices

Acme Catering Welcome Tables
Acme Catering Welcome TablesPrice
Mediterranean Welcome Table$7.95
Welcome Table with Flatbreads$5.95
Welcome Table$4.95
Antipasti Welcome Table$6.95
Fiesta Welcome Table$5.95
Grand Welcome Table$6.95

Acme Catering After Glow Late Night Bites Menu with Prices

After Glow Late Night BitesPrice
Savory Popcorn and Gourmet Sweet$3.95
Cereal Buffet$3.95
BBQ Slider Station$5.95
Miniature Bánh Mì Sandwiches$5.95
Taco Bar$5.95
Cookies & Milk$2.95
Chips Station$2.95
S’mores Station$2.95
Build Your Own BLTs$5.95
Grilled Cheese and Soup Shooter$4.95

Acme Catering Fun & Casual Menu with Prices

Acme Catering Fun & Casual
Fun & Casual MenuPrice
Tropical Island$19.99
Fiesta Fun$15.99
Italian Style$13.99
Dagwood Delight$8.99
BBQ Bash $10.99
Wings ‘n Things$13.99

Acme Catering A La Carte Menu with Prices

Acme Catering A La Carte
A La Carte ItemsServesPrice
Meat Lasagna12$39.99 per pan
Vegetable Alfredo Lasagna12$39.99 per pan
Baked Penne + Marinara12$24.99 per pan
Baked Penne + Mini Meatballs12$29.99 per pan
Grilled Chicken with Penne in Alfredo Sauce12$34.99 per pan
Bone-In Chicken Herb Baked2 pcs/Guest$3.50 per Guest
Chicken Wings3 pcs/Guest$2.75 per Guest
Chicken Wings (Boneless)3 pcs/Guest$3.00 per Guest
Fried Bone-In Chicken2 pcs/Guest$3.75 per Guest
Italian Sausage with Onions and Sweet Peppers$4.00 per guest
Grilled Vegetable or Four Foot Sub: Classic, Italian Style$64.99 each
Hungarian Sausage & Sauerkraut$4.00 per guest
Vegetable Crudités + Dip$2.50 per guest
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $3.00 per guest

Acme Catering Corporate Catering Menu with Prices

Pasta Pans

Acme Catering Corporate Catering
Acme Corporate CateringServePrice
Penne + Fire Roasted Vegetables12-15$34.99
Penne + Meat Sauce12-15$34.99
Chicken Alfredo Penne12-15$39.99
Bacon Cavatappi and Smoked Gouda12-15$44.99
Lasagna with Marinara12-15$39.99
Garlic Bread (12 Slices)$19.99

Why is Acme Catering So Popular?

While cuisine is undeniably at the heart of any successful catering service, Acme’s appeal transcends beyond just delightful dishes.

1. Comprehensive Event Planning

Acme is not merely a catering service; it’s a holistic event planning experience. They serve more than just food; they offer the entire event on a platter.

2. All-Inclusive Service

Acme ensures that every detail, from the menu selection to the finest linen and ambient room decor, is meticulously catered to. This comprehensive approach not only saves clients precious time but also guarantees a seamless and memorable event.

3. Prestigious Clientele

Acme’s excellence is reflected in its esteemed client list, which includes prominent institutions such as the Akron Art Museum and Stan Hywet. Their reputation is solidified by the trust and preference of such notable entities.

4. Unwavering Dedication

The consistent quality of both service and food can be attributed to the unparalleled commitment of Acme’s team. Every dish and presentation is tailor-made, ensuring it’s the perfect fit for each specific event.

In essence, Acme’s popularity is a testament to its dedication, holistic approach, and the exceptional experiences it consistently delivers to its clients.

Acme Catering Show-Stopping Favorites!

A remarkable event is often remembered for its exceptional catering. Acme Catering, with its mastery in culinary arts, consistently delights its guests. Here are some of their most sought-after menu items:

Casual, Traditional Elegance Buffet

  • Perfect for grand events like weddings.
  • Features a welcoming display and two distinct buffet styles.
  • The main courses offer a variety of pasta dishes, succulent chicken, and fresh greens.
  • A dedicated salad buffet complements the main course.

Wrap Sandwich Tray

  • A twist to the classic mini sandwich, wraps are both convenient and delicious.
  • Each guest receives two wraps from a selection that includes chicken salad, turkey, and Ruben variants.

Smoked Gouda & Bacon Cavatappi

  • An absolute favorite when it comes to pasta offerings from Acme Catering.
  • Beyond the staple Chicken Alfredo, the Cavatappi stands out.
  • A harmonious blend of creamy Gouda cheese with crispy bacon enveloped in perfectly cooked pasta makes this dish a showstopper.

Petite Dessert Bar

  • Ideal for those wanting a touch of sweetness without committing to a full dessert spread.
  • Features tangy lemon bars and rich raspberry chocolates.
  • The assortment also boasts cheese-filled truffles, a variety of brownies, biscuits, and chocolates to ensure every sweet tooth is satisfied.

With such delectable offerings, it’s easy to see why Acme Catering remains a top choice for events that aim to impress.

How to Order from Acme Catering Menu?

Online Ordering for Quick Meals

  • For convenience items like boxed salads, sandwiches, and pasta pans, head to the Acme Catering official website.
  • Choose the “Online Ordering” section.
  • Browse the menu, and once you’ve made your selection, add your favorite items to your cart.
  • Proceed to checkout, select your preferred delivery method, and enter your payment information.

Larger Catering Options

  • For more extensive catering requirements, there are several options:
  • Phone: Place your order directly by calling the Acme Catering hotline.
  • Door Dash: Use the Door Dash app or website for a seamless ordering experience.
  • Event Planner Consultation: For specialized events or specific requirements, you can consult with an Acme event planner via email. They will guide you through the options and help tailor your order to your event’s needs.

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or planning an elaborate event, Acme Catering offers a streamlined and efficient ordering process to ensure your culinary needs are met with ease and excellence.

Acme Catering’s Delivery Options

Acme Catering ensures that your culinary delights are delivered seamlessly and on time. Here’s a rundown of the available delivery methods:

Large Catering Orders

  • For sizable and specialized orders, coordination is key.
  • Contact Acme Catering directly via email to iron out the specifics. All necessary contact information is readily available on their official website.

Online Orders

  • For standard orders placed online, you have the flexibility of two options:
  • Delivery: Specify your desired delivery address, date, and time during the checkout process.
  • Pickup: If you’d prefer to collect your order in person, simply choose your nearest Acme Catering store from the list during checkout.

Acme Catering’s commitment to customer convenience and excellence ensures your order arrives at its destination fresh and on time, regardless of the method you select.

  • In-Store: Available
  • Drive Thru: Not available
  • Home Delivery: Available
  • Curbside Pickup: Not available

Payment Options at Acme Catering & Acme Fresh Market

Acme Catering and Acme Fresh Market ensure a smooth transaction experience by accepting a variety of payment methods. For online orders, the widely accepted methods include:

  • Credit Card: A generic term for any card that allows the holder to purchase items on credit.
  • MasterCard: A globally recognized card payment system.
  • Visa: Another worldwide card payment network.
  • Diners Club International: A card mainly used for travel and dining.
  • Discover: An American financial services company that provides payment options globally.
  • American Express: Commonly known as Amex, this card is renowned for its customer service and member benefits.

Choose any of these convenient methods to effortlessly complete your online purchase with Acme.

Acme Catering Customer Services

In the digital age, accessing information about top-tier catering companies is a breeze. Here are some vital links related to Acme Catering:

Whether you’re placing an order, seeking nutrition information, or reaching out for assistance, these links should direct you to the appropriate resources.

Acme Catering Social Media Accounts

If you’re looking to dive deeper into what Acme Catering offers, their social media platforms provide a treasure trove of insights, reviews, and glimpses into their services. Here are the direct links to their social media pages:

Engage with their content, check out user reviews, watch their videos, and get a comprehensive feel for what Acme Catering brings to the table.

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Acme Catering stands out as a premier event organizer. Their expertise lies not just in crafting delectable meals suited for any occasion but also in delivering comprehensive catering services.

For an impeccably organized event characterized by exquisite décor, mouth-watering dishes, and a welcoming ambiance, Acme Catering is the go-to choice.

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