Costco Christmas Cookies 2022 with Flavors & Reviews

Costco is a wholesale grocery store and also has a bakery that sells Costco Christmas cookies as a tray at an affordable price. The tray includes 44 cookies of 5 flavors & more.

costco christmas cookies tray

Biggest News: Giant 44-Count Holiday Cookie Tray at Costco Is Back & It’s Only $13.99

  1. The Holiday Cookie Tray from Costco is back, and this year it comes with 44 cookies instead of 42.
  2. At $13.99, the tray is a great deal for all the cookies.
  3. There are five types of cookies in each box, which vary depending on the location.
  4. In addition to the cookie tray, Costco also offers a Chocolate Chunk Peppermint Loaf and a Yule Log Cake during the holidays.

Costco Christmas Cookies Tray with 5 In 1 Pack

Those short of time or ideas for a yummy dessert can always look up to Costco. Instead of ordering various sweets, go for Costco Christmas cookies, a specialty of this bakery.

The place is famous for its cookie tray which includes five innovative cookie types, and its price is so reasonable.

Costco continuously brings new desserts and cookies, but other than traditional items, you should also wait for something new this Christmas.

Costco is a wholesale grocery store that sells pre-cooked holiday meals as well. Costco Christmas meals and bakery items.

Costco Christmas Cookies Tray 2022

We already mentioned that the Costco Christmas cookies tray has an interesting variety. Like, it includes coconut almond chocolate, iced ginger molasses, holiday candy, walnut cookies, and lemon shortbread.

You will get all in one and serve your guests at this event with a pack of 42 cookies.

costco christmas cookies tray

Costco’s cookie tray price is only $9.99 which I think most people can easily afford. Besides, look at the quantity and see how many people you can cover with a single tray of treats.

Everybody can have their share of sweets that they like the most. You can also reach Costco on Instagram where it posts its products directly from the warehouse.

David’s Cookies Winter Wonderland Crate 6 lbs

  • Online Price: $79.99
  • Discount: $25.00
  • Total Price: $54.99

Shipping & Handling Included* $25 discount is valid from 11/1/22 through 12/31/22.

Features of David’s Cookies Winter Wonderland

  • Assorted Cookies by David’s Cookies
  • Costco Cookies Flavors: Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter with Peanut Butter Chip, Cherry White Chip
  • Individually Wrapped Brownies
  • Costco Cookies Flavors: Chocolate Chip, Pecan, Blondie, And More

Snowman Holiday Cookie Tray

Price: $19.97

Features of Snowman Holiday Cookie Tray

  • Hand Painted
  • 2 Piece -Cookie Tray & Lid
  • 13 ” Tall
  • Food Contact Safe
  • Hand Wash Only

Santa Holiday Cookie Tray

Price: $19.97

Features of Santa Holiday Cookie Tray

  • Hand Painted
  • 2 Piece – Cookie Tray & Lid
  • 13 ” Tall
  • Food Contact Safe
  • Hand Wash Only

Costco Cookies Tray Christmas

Other than a pre-arranged tray, you can also order your favorite selections and make its tray. Like, you can have to crumble cookies made from raspberries, cinnamon butter cake, or holiday cookies having 84 packs.

Costco Christmas Cookies Tin

When we think of Costco Christmas cookies, a tin full of cookies appears in our minds. The tin includes yummy flavors of oatmeal raisins, chocolate chunks, and chocolate double Chunks, all in the form of cookies.

costco christmas cookies tin

You can have the tin for your own party or to gift it to someone, as everybody loves such a treat. The peppermint loaf with chocolate chunks is another awesome treat by Costco and it’s available at just $7.99.

The loaf has Danish icing over it, however, each area has individual treats for you. So, check your nearby Costco bakery and see what it offers.

You can also order Costco bakery items from its app or place an order directly on its website. If you don’t know Costco bakery hours near you, pick up your phone and search it in your area through the Costco locator.

Costco Cookie Tray Price

Mini Chocolate chip cookies Price: $8.99 for 60 cookies

Peppermint bark Price: $9.99

42 Count holiday cookie tray Price: $9.99

Cranberry orange scones Price: $5.99

Holiday Christmas Dinner 2022

What Else For Holidays?

You can also order Costco Christmas meals, which consist of your favorite foods. The moment Thanksgiving is over, Costco starts making holiday meals for upcoming events, including Christmas, New Year, and some others.

Those who enjoyed its turkey meals on Dec 25th are eagerly waiting for Christmas meals. You will get a spiral ham, king’s Hawaiian rolls, shrimp cocktail, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, and much more with drinks of course.

Costco Christmas catering is another benefit that you can have this year. Stay idle, be a potatoes couch, or join your guest with a free mind by ordering Christmas dinner with catering.

Other famous catering menus for your Christmas Event,

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