Market Basket Catering Menu Prices 2023

The market basket is a great grocery store in Franklin lakes, NJ. The market basket catering menu offers an enormous food for luxurious dinner parties, backyard barbecues, festive cocktail parties, simple buffets, and theme parties. Market basket catering Franklin lakes, NJ, offers baked bread, delicious meat varieties, and fresh seafood.

market basket catering

Furthermore, it provides a variety of sweets and cakes, gourmet, great catering services, and stunning flower arrangements.

Market Basket Catering Menu services are offered every day, with hours ranging from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. While the hours on Sunday are 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 pm.

However, the menu of the market basket is huge, yummy, and luxurious. What are the new updates about it in 2023? Let’s brighten the light to it.

Specifications of Market Basket Catering System:

The market basket provides its catering services along with the experienced professional staff. Moreover, the behavior of the team is amiable. In addition, it has become the most trusted caterer in New Jersey because of its unique setups.

They provide a variety of special menus at parties, event locations, and entertainment rentals. It has become the most demanded caterer in the Franklin Lakes, NJ, because of its professional and friendly staff, event planning ideas, and fabulous party ideas.

market basket catering menu prices

However, the grade and freshness of the food are the two main concerns of the market basket on which they don’t make any compromise. In addition, their priority is to make sure the quality of their meals and the health of their customers.

The market basket has been providing its services for more than 50 years. Moreover, the three-generation family gets united and takes part in the success of this business. Today, the market basket is one of the top gourmet stores in New Jersey because of its great struggle.

Market Basket Deli Platters Prices

However, the market basket offers a variety of fresh and sliced deli platters. It is all in one grocery store that provides several fresh foods to the people and their neighborhood.

market basket deli platters prices

Moreover, it is a very accessible place for everyone in the town. There are extraordinary kinds of fresh deli platters available in the market basket. Let’s look at the items and the market basket deli platters prices.

Market Basket Catering MenuPrices
Deviled egg tray$12.99
Fried chicken picnic pack$24.99
Signature sandwich platter$34.99
Fine cheese platter$34.99
Medium classic platter$39.99
Finger roll plater medium$34.99
Snack pleaser platter$34.99
Royal delight platter medium$39.99
Mini Croissant sandwich tray medium$36.99
Finger roll platter larger$44.99
Fruit platter$44.99
Taste of inspiration Medium Platter$44.99
Larger classic platter$59.99
Royal delight large platter$59.99
Taste of Inspirations large platter$69.99

However, the Demoulas supermarket is under the trade name of the market basket. While the Demoulas prepare all the products.

We have mentioned the Demoulas market basket party platters and deli in the above table. Moreover, the price of each platter has also been mentioned.

How to order Market Basket Catering menu?

There are a few ways to order Market Basket Catering menu.

  • Online: You can order online through Market Basket’s website. Simply go to the website, click on the “Catering” tab, and select the menu you want to order from. You will then be able to enter your contact information and place your order.
  • Phone: You can also order by phone by calling Market Basket’s catering department. The phone number is 978-851-8000.
  • In-store: You can also order in-store by visiting your local Market Basket and speaking to a catering associate.

Market Basket Catering Near Me

Market Basket Customer Services

  1. Online Order: Visit to place your order online for Market Basket’s kitchen takeout.
  2. Mobile App: Download the Market Basket Grocery mobile app from the App Store at for convenient shopping and updates.
  3. FAQs: Find answers to frequently asked questions about Market Basket by visiting
  4. Contact Number: Reach Market Basket’s customer service at 978-851-8000 for any inquiries or assistance you may need.

Market Basket Catering Menu Reviews:

The market basket is one of the top grocery stores available, with many options. You can get every kind of meal at the Market basket Catering Menu. However, they offer fresh meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, salads, sweets, cheeses, chicken, etc. In addition, their catering services are just beyond.

The catering menus and ideas of the market basket are unique. The staff is amiable and cooperative. They provide an excellent catering service and delicious menus on themes, parties, and even locations.

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