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By Smith | Last Updated: May 16, 2021

A Quick Insight About Popeyes Catering Prices & Services

Get ready to check out Popeyes’ catering prices menu to be the first one to visit this food chain center right now! You would love to see it!

Right here, we will be having a quick discussion about Popeyes catering prices and services for the new visitors!  But first of all, we will be having a little discussing the startup story of Popeyes and the reason behind its ultimate success.

popeyes catering

In the year 1972, Popeyes catering started their journey by establishing a food chain in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a complete fast chain restaurant that has made a big name in America.  In the primary popeyes catering menu, you will be finding a delicious fried chicken option.  They are also famously known by the name of Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits, or you can even make it call by the name of Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits.  In the year 2007, they earned the title by making themselves known out to be the second biggest quick serving restaurant in America.  They have set up a chain of almost 1800 restaurants in 40 different states. They have introduced their outlets in 22 other countries in which we have the names of Jamaica, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Bahrain, Mexico, and so many more.

Complete List of Popeyes Catering Prices Menu

It’s time to check out the popeyes menu! Scroll down and grab a full Popeyes catering menu list:

  • Popcorn Shrimp (10 orders) has the price of$35, 00
  • Butterfly Shrimp (10 orders) has the price of $35, 00
  • Catfish Fillet (10 orders) has the price of $35, 00
  • 50pcs has a cost of $80, 00
  • 100pcs has a cost of $150, 00
  • 150pcs has a cost of $180, 00
  • Pack 1 50pcs of Chicken 2 pans of side items 25 buttermilk biscuits Serves 25 has the price of $120, 00
  • Pack 2 100pcs of Chicken 4 pans of side items 50 buttermilk biscuits Serves 50 has the price of $230, 00
  • Pack 3 200pcs of Chicken 8 pans of side items 100 buttermilk biscuits Serves 75-100 has the price of $440, 00
  • Pack 4 300 pcs of Chicken 10 pans of side items 150 buttermilk biscuits Serves 150+ has the price of $580,00
  • Additional Side has a cost of $0, 99
  • An additional Piece of Chicken has a price of $1, 69
  • 100 – 299 (Mixed pieces) have a cost of $1.50/per pc.
  • 300 – 599 (Mixed pieces) have a price of $1.30/per pc.
  • 600+ (Mixed pieces) has a price of $1.10/per pc.
  • Mashed Potatoes & Cajun Gravy (pan) has a price of $24, 99
  • Coleslaw (pan) has a cost of $24, 99
  • Red Beans & Rice (pan) has a cost of $24, 99
  • Macaroni & Cheese (pan) has a price of $24, 99
  • Jambalaya (pan) has a value of $24, 99
  • Corn on the Cob (per dozen) has the price of $24, 99
  • Buttermilk Biscuits (per dozen) has the price of $5, 49
  • 5 Dozen or more (per dozen) has the price of $5,00

it was the end of the Popeyes menu near me! Above all, when it comes to catering, then popeyes catering menu prices are a lot affordable and reasonable for the new visitors.  You would love to try their chicken menu options, which are incredible with the taste and spices effect.

In the popeyes chicken menu, you will be able to grab with some outstanding options and choices of your favorite ones.  The main reason for their enormous success has been its fantastic customer service support. They have always tried the level best efforts in which they are giving fresh and healthy food items to their customers at affordable prices.

For us, this place is worth to visit once in a lifetime to enjoy your favorite food items! Are you ready for it?

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