Popeyes Tuesday Special 2023 – Price, Calories & Reviews

We are discussing Popeyes Tuesday special 2023 and Popeyes Tuesday special price. Popeyes is an American Multinational Chain of Fast-food Chicken restaurants. The headquarters are located in Miami. 

An outstanding foodstuff that enhances the greatness of Popeyes is their Tuesday Special. This Tuesday special is available in every location where you find the related store.

popeyes tuesday special

Though daily specials are also available. But Tuesday special gains the highest nomination. Don’t be unable to take the advantage of blessing your taste buds there with the most exciting chicken meal.

This is the best option for chicken meat lovers.

What is in Tuesday’s Special Menu?

Popeyes Tuesday Special has,

  • A couple of dark Chicken pieces i.e., a leg and a thigh piece
  • A biscuit
  • Side
  • A drink
  • Cajun Fries

Let’s discuss the taste of this exciting and nutrition-rich pack.

how much is popeyes tuesday special
Popeyes Tuesday Special Menu2 PC Chicken (Leg & Thigh)Spicy Flavored- 480
Mild Flavored- 450
Price of Popeyes Tuesday Special: $3.49

How is the taste of Tuesday’s special Menu?

The chicken pieces are loved by all of the shoppers because of their spicy flavor and salty aroma. The interior brings a tender touch to your tongue with a crispy exterior, which gives you an overall succulent delight.

There are two taste variations here too,

  •  Mild spice
  •  More spice, you can choose according to the sensations and liking of your taste buds. Mild is for the gastric sensitive people; who can’t afford high spice content in their food.

The aroma and the taste are evenly felt throughout the meal. The ingredients from setting to processing seem to be in a good ratio. Another specialty is the freshness in taste and enough serving. Like you will leave with a full and pleased stomach.

Talking about the chips, they are equally ribbed and fried to the beautiful basic golden texture. These fries are appetizing and provide an awesome combination with the chicken pieces.

Drinks and biscuits are also among Popeye’s best options. So, it is a must to say the Popeyes Tuesday special is the best combination, comprising the best.

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How much is Popeyes Tuesday special?

does popeyes still have the tuesday special

 Most people are curious about the Popeyes Tuesday special price. Here you must know that one chicken piece costs $1.14 and as we know that this specific deal offers two chicken pieces.

So, you have to pay $3.49 for two chicken pieces. This is the most reasonable snack party pack you can have at this price. Must avail of this service. Don’t miss the chance. This price is fixed and the same in every Popeyes location.

How many calories are in the Popeyes Tuesday special?

Two chicken pieces serving can grant you 480 calories. All you can gain is protein and carbohydrates in a major percentage. There can be a mild option for those who don’t like so much spice in their food.

A mild one can give you 450 calories in total. This customization captured the attention of people towards Tuesday’s remarkable deal. Talking about the overall meal. It will add 847 calories in total to your body.  

How can I order Popeyes Tuesday Special 2023?

Don’t bother much, this is so easy and the same as if you order food from other restaurants. Let me guide you,

Popeyes has launched an application for its regular customers which makes it convenient to buy your favorite food there.

  1. Open the app on your phone. There is no restriction on the software. The application can be downloaded easily on android phones and iPhones too.
  2. Log in with your active email address. If you haven’t used this app before and don’t have an account then you must have to sign up there.
  3. Go to the offers tab.
  4. From here, select the Popeyes Tuesday special.
  5. Enter your address and contact details for delivery.
  6. Then wait for the delivery at your doorstep.
  7. Pay the delivery fee.

Popeyes Tuesday Special Reviews

Popeyes Tuesday Special has become a weekly treat for countless customers all across the United States. Popeyes Tuesday Special serves up a variety of delicious entirées, sides, and desserts at an unbeatable prices.

Reviews of the Tuesday Special have consistently been glowing with many raving about how they don’t mind repeating orders every week – that’s how good it is!

The combination of superior taste and value can often be hard to come by, but Popeyes seems to have nailed it down whether you’re dining in or taking out.

Delivery services like GrubHub and DoorDash are making it more convenient than ever for people to take advantage of this amazing offer.

FAQs Regarding Popeyes Tuesday Special,

How much is Popeyes Tuesday special in Texas?

Tuesdays are the day to enjoy a delicious two-piece dark meat chicken special at Popeyes in Texas. For only $1.14, you can get one thigh and one leg – enough for an unbeatable meal!

What is the $5 big box at Popeyes?

For a $5 big box at Popeyes, you can enjoy two scrumptious pieces of juicy fried bone-in chicken along with two sides and a biscuit – all at participating locations across the country.

What Is the Cost of Delivery at Popeyes?

PopeyesDelivery cost is based on your location and typically ranges from $3.99 (within 6 miles) up to an estimated $5.99 for customers further away!

Does Popeye have a $6 special?

Popeyes $6 special allows you to explore the many sides of Popeyes food, like choosing between red beans and rice or macaroni and cheese. And don’t forget about that classic – the buttermilk biscuit is included in all value meals for your dining satisfaction.

How many calories in Popeyes Tuesday special?

On Tuesdays, Popeyes serves up 847 calories of deliciousness with their special offer – a great way to enjoy your favorite meals at an affordable price!

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