15 Best Daniel Island Restaurants In 2023

15 Best Daniel Island Restaurants Review: Nestled on the fringes of Charleston, South Carolina, Daniel Island emerges as a modern community steeped in historical charm. In the 1800s, it proudly served as a key provider of building materials for colonial settlements. Today, it’s transformed into a hotspot for gourmet dining and vibrant entertainment.

With a formidable reputation to maintain, passionate restaurateurs have seized the opportunity, establishing their ventures at the heart of Daniel Island.

While the selection might not be vast, the quality is undoubtedly exceptional! We’ve diligently explored every nook and cranny to ensure you’re well-informed about the premier dining experiences available on Daniel Island.

Prepare yourself for a gastronomic journey!

Discover the Charm of Daniel Island: An Island Oasis

Daniel Island

A Culinary Paradise Awaits!

Daniel Island is more than just another neighborhood or development in South Carolina; it’s rapidly becoming a vibrant community marked by its unique culinary landscape.

The diversity of eateries, ranging from the warmth of Blondie’s Bagels and Café to the fiery spirit of Agaves Cantina, showcases a commitment to offering not just meals, but experiences.

The strength of any community is often gauged by the connections its residents forge, and food plays an essential role in building these ties.

Daniel Island’s rapidly growing food scene, with its eclectic mix of traditional and modern, local and international, promises both residents and visitors a gastronomic adventure at every turn.

With every new establishment, Daniel Island reaffirms its commitment to being a haven for food lovers. Whether you’re looking for a cozy brunch spot, a trendy bar for evening cocktails, or a sumptuous dinner venue, this budding community promises to deliver.

Each eatery not only brings a unique flavor profile but also adds to the rich tapestry that makes Daniel Island special.

In conclusion, Daniel Island is not just on the map; it’s setting the bar high. It stands as a testament to how a community can come together and create something extraordinary.

So, whether you’re a local or just passing through, make sure to take a bite out of what Daniel Island has to offer. We promise you’ll be back for seconds!

Best 15 Daniel Island Restaurants

The DIME on Daniel Island Restaurants

The DIME on Daniel Island
  • Location: 30 River Landing Dr, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Marketplace dining, picturesque river views, and relaxed ambiance.
  • Price Point: $$

For those who cherish the morning’s serenity, The DIME offers an unparalleled dining experience with breathtaking views of the Waterfront Park. This eatery is swiftly cementing its status as a cornerstone in Daniel Island’s blossoming community.

Whether you’re browsing through the eclectic range of fresh and artisanal market offerings or settling down for a meal in their cozy café, The DIME promises to be that endearing nook you’ll find hard to forget.

Their concise yet diverse menu spans from wholesome breakfast dishes to delectable pizzas. Every dish at The DIME emphasizes high-quality, fresh ingredients. Whether you’re indulging in the richness of a creamy ricotta toast or savoring the elegance of a prosciutto pizza, there’s a flavor adventure awaiting.

For the caffeine enthusiasts and health aficionados alike, their skilled baristas whip up an array of your favored brews and invigorating smoothies. Choose to savor your selections on-the-go, recline indoors, or enjoy the breeze on their quaint patio.

Sermet’s Courtyard on Daniel Island Restaurants

Sermet’s Courtyard on Daniel Island
  • Location: 115 River Landing Dr #101, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Enchanting outdoor courtyard, extensive wine selection.
  • Price Point: $$$

There’s a timeless charm in pausing to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. When the skies are clear, Sermet’s Courtyard invites you to experience an unforgettable alfresco dining affair.

Its fame stems from the captivating outdoor dining space, set amidst a verdant courtyard adorned with seasonal blooms. Amidst this idyllic setting, the gentle murmur of a central fountain adds an extra touch of magic, evoking scenes reminiscent of a fairy-tale.

As an emerging gem in Daniel Island’s culinary landscape, Sermet’s Courtyard is steadily earning a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. The serene ambiance offers an impeccable backdrop for indulging in a gourmet journey that’s both novel and delightful.

While their menu might be concise, every dish promises an explosion of flavor and finesse, spanning from tempting appetizers to gourmet mains.

And for those seeking the perfect complement to their meal, the attentive staff is ever-ready to recommend a wine pairing that elevates your dining experience to new heights.

Orlando’s Brick Oven Pizza on Daniel Island Restaurants

Orlando’s Brick Oven Pizza on Daniel Island
  • Location: 295 Seven Farms Drive, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Authentic brick oven pizzas, laid-back dining ambiance, innovative seasonal creations.
  • Price Point: $

Making waves in the heart of Daniel Island, Orlando’s Brick Oven Pizza has seized the opportunity to introduce a classic delight with a twist. After all, pizza holds an undisputed spot on the list of comfort foods, and Orlando’s mastery in crafting a perfect deep dish is unparalleled.

This pizzeria boasts a specialization that extends beyond the traditional pizza toppings, inviting patrons to a culinary experience infused with daring and inventive flavors. For the true Italian experience, their calzones are a must-try.

As you slice through, be prepared for an ooze of luscious cheese, with the brick oven’s warmth amplifying the aromas that tease the senses. If you’re initiating your feast, the breadsticks offer a perfect preamble, hinting at the flavorsome journey ahead.

Whether you’re grabbing a slice on the go during lunch or settling down with a sizable 10 or 18-inch pie, Orlando’s ensures every bite satiates your pizza cravings to the fullest.

Kingstide on Daniel Island Restaurants

Kingstide on Daniel Island
  • Location: 32 River Landing Dr, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Fresh seafood specialties, panoramic waterfront vistas, multi-level terraced dining.
  • Price Point: $$

Nestled on the banks of the Wando River, Kingstide proudly stands as Daniel Island’s singular waterfront dining destination. With terraces cascading towards the gentle rhythm of the river’s waves, diners are enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquillity and enchantment.

This serene ambiance is further enhanced by the restaurant’s nautical-themed interiors, thoughtfully curated by esteemed designers.

True to its maritime setting, Kingstide presents a lavish seafood spread that forms the cornerstone of its modern American menu.

From the tantalizing allure of their raw bar, where oysters are delicately shucked and served either raw or Rockefeller’d, to a bounty of succulent shellfish, the culinary offerings here are a seafood aficionado’s dream.

Elevating the dining experience further, Kingstide’s rooftop bar beckons with a curated selection of imported wines and locally crafted brews. Accompanied by its unique menu, it’s the ideal spot to sip and savor while taking in the breathtaking riverfront views.

Ali Baba Deli and Catering on Daniel Island Restaurants

Ali Baba Deli and Catering on Daniel Island
  • Location: 186 Seven Farms Drive #500, Charleston, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Authentic Mediterranean cuisine, charming deli ambiance.
  • Price Point: $$

Founded in 2009, Ali Baba Deli and Catering graces Daniel Island with its unique Mediterranean charm. The eatery is adorned with architectural nuances—arched doorways and a burst of lively colors, which lend a warm, intimate feel despite the limited seating.

The essence of the establishment is deeply rooted in its heritage; the owner, originally from Jordan, meticulously weaves his cultural heritage into every dish on the menu.

Although they primarily focus on take-out options, perfect for those intimate at-home celebrations, the dine-in experience is equally splendid. The abundant menu options, while potentially overwhelming initially, reflect the very spirit of Mediterranean dining—savoring a bit of everything.

Given the tantalizing array of dishes, it’s no wonder platters whiz out from the kitchen at an impressive speed. But with flavors as rich and robust as these, who could resist? And as a sweet reminder, always leave room for dessert—their flaky baklava is an indulgence not to be missed!

Blondie’s Bagels and Cafe on Daniel Island Restaurants

Blondie’s Bagels and Cafe on Daniel Island
  • Location: 245 Seven Farms Drive #130, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Artisanal bagels, hearty breakfasts, and homemade ice cream.
  • Price Point: $

Begin your day the Blondie’s way—with the comforting aroma of freshly baked bagels and the gentle embrace of a well-crafted brew. Blondie’s Bagels and Cafe, with its captivating allure, has become the morning fueling station for countless Daniel Island residents.

Their bagels are an absolute delight, with every element, including the cream cheese, crafted in-house with love. As a treat, they introduce monthly specials that add a touch of creativity to their already stellar lineup.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite to go or settling down in their quaint indoor or outdoor seating area, the experience is consistently delightful.

Midday cravings are equally catered for with their generous sandwiches and wraps. There’s also a special something for the little ones.

As the week winds down, from Thursday to Sunday, they introduce another house-made delight—creamy ice cream, generously scooped onto crispy waffle cones. Given their popularity, a pro tip for the early risers: consider pre-ordering to sidestep the morning rush.

Wasabi of Daniel Island Restaurants

Wasabi of Daniel Island
  • Location: 194 Seven Farms Drive, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Authentic Japanese dishes, modern ambiance, and exquisite sushi offerings.
  • Price Point: $$

Every thriving, upscale community deserves a touch of sushi elegance, and Wasabi on Daniel Island has stepped up to plate this role with finesse. It proudly serves as a nexus between the traditions of Japan and the tastes of the Daniel Island community.

Diners are treated to an expansive menu, with offerings ranging from the classic maki, nigiri, and sashimi to an impressive array of Japanese hot plates. With such a rich selection, decision paralysis is common, but a sip of their fine imported sake often helps to recalibrate the palate.

Wasabi marries the traditional and the contemporary in its flavor palette. Their specialty maki showcases this fusion, presenting neo-traditional twists that beckon with vibrant tastes.

Each meticulously crafted dish at Wasabi is not just a meal—it’s an odyssey to Tokyo, with each bite resonating with authentic Japanese delight.

Beech on Daniel Island Restaurants

Beech on Daniel Island
  • Location: 864 Island Park Dr Suite 102, Daniel Island, SC
  • Signature Features: Contemporary poke bowls, health-centric offerings, and invigorating juices.
  • Price Point: $

Beech isn’t just a venue; it’s a vibrant pulse on Daniel Island. Tailored for those constantly on the move, it ensures that fast doesn’t mean unhealthy, offering refreshing meals that ooze honesty and goodness.

With a decor drenched in vivacious colors and a team of spirited young professionals at the helm, a visit to Beech is a mood-lifter in itself!

The contemporary menu spotlights trending delicacies like poke and acai bowls, which have rapidly garnered a loyal fanbase for their hearty, flavor-packed profiles without the calorie guilt.

For those who prefer to stick to timeless classics, there’s no shortage of options. Dive into their array of bagels and wraps to elevate your mornings.

And what better accompaniment than their freshly pressed juices or fruity, chilled smoothies? Beech’s offerings are not just meals but an experience—one so entrancing that it’s bound to turn you into a regular!

Mpishi Restaurant on Daniel Island Restaurants

Mpishi Restaurant on Daniel Island
  • Location: 162 Seven Farms Drive #340, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Global culinary delights, health-conscious menu, and an elegantly designed venue.
  • Price Point: $$$

Gastronomic adventurers, Allie and Andy Clay, are on a mission to bring the world’s palate to Daniel Island through Mpishi Restaurant. With a combined culinary journey spanning over two decades, this restaurant is a delightful blend of global influences, ensuring a unique dining experience.

Their ever-evolving menus are a testament to their commitment to introducing diverse flavors to their clientele. Keep a keen eye on their daily specials; they are a passport to global cuisine, offering tantalizing and exotic dishes that promise a culinary adventure.

Beyond the exotic specials, their staple breakfast and lunch offerings are a fusion of neo-American classics, with just the right hint of international zest. The ambiance only accentuates the experience—whether you’re seated outdoors, soaking in the ambiance, or inside, surrounded by expansive windows.

Engage with the owners when they’re around, and immerse yourself in tales of their global escapades. With every story and every bite, Mpishi ensures a dining journey that stands unparalleled on Daniel Island.

Laura Albert’s Tasteful Options on Daniel Island Restaurants

Laura Albert’s Tasteful Options on Daniel Island
  • Location: 891 Island Park Dr, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Upscale dining, global gastronomic delights, and an impressive wine collection.
  • Price Point: $$$

Since its establishment in 2002, Laura Albert’s Tasteful Options has solidified its reputation as one of Daniel Island’s premier dining destinations. A tapestry of two grand dining rooms, an enviable wine cellar, a sophisticated bar, and a quaint gift shop await, setting the stage for memorable moments, be it intimate date nights or opulent family gatherings.

The anticipation for the exclusive Wednesday dinners at Laura Albert’s is palpable, making reservations a precious commodity. A chance to savor the tender braised short rib or delve into the exquisite Jordan dinner selection is not to be missed.

However, if dinner reservations elude you, the restaurant still beckons with its brunch offerings—a gourmet spread tailored for those who revel in a leisurely morning meal.

Enhance the experience with a champagne mimosa, sourced from their awe-inspiring wine collection. Each visit promises not just a meal, but an exquisite culinary journey that leaves an indelible mark on your palate.

Vespa Pizzeria on Daniel Island Restaurants

Vespa Pizzeria on Daniel Island
  • Location: 224 Seven Farms Drive #101, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Authentic Neapolitan-style pizza and classic Italian fare.
  • Price Point: $$

At the heart of great culinary traditions lies an unwavering commitment to authenticity. Vespa Pizzeria embodies this ethos, delivering an unparalleled Neapolitan pizza experience. Reverence for time-honored methods has been the cornerstone of their success, cementing their status as a cherished dining destination on Daniel Island.

Their wood-fired, wafer-thin crust pizzas boast the perfect fusion of local produce and imported ingredients, ensuring consistency and quality in every bite.

For the uninitiated, the distinct char on the crust might seem unfamiliar, but it’s an essential trait of traditional Neapolitan pizzas – a delightful hint of smokiness encased in Italian flour dough.

Beyond pizzas, Vespa Pizzeria offers a rich tapestry of flavors with its curated menu. Start your meal with their delectable appetizers and if you’re in the mood for something other than pizza, indulge in their meticulously crafted pasta dishes. Every dish promises an authentic Italian gustatory journey that’s bound to linger in your memories.

New Realm Brewing on Daniel Island Restaurants

New Realm Brewing on Daniel Island
  • Location: 880 Island Park Dr, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: A vast selection of craft brews, innovative cocktails, and a delightful wood-fired kitchen.
  • Price Point: $$

For those with a discerning palate and an insatiable quest for the next best drink, New Realm Brewing emerges as the crown jewel of Daniel Island. Encompassing two sprawling levels, this venue pulsates with energy, presenting an enticing selection of local brews that are nothing short of exemplary.

With 27 tap options, ranging from bold ales to refreshing lagers and even unique hand-crafted seltzers, the establishment ensures that there’s a drink to satiate every kind of beer enthusiast.

While their craft brews might steal the limelight, the culinary offerings stand strong on their own, with the burgers emerging as undeniable showstoppers. The menu extends beyond just burgers, as it offers an expansive range of mouthwatering dishes that redefine American comfort food.

But it’s not just the beer and food that make New Realm Brewing a hit. The pulsating ambiance, accentuated by regular trivia nights and live music, ensures that there’s never a dull moment here.

Whether you’re out for a casual evening with friends or looking for the perfect spot for a laid-back date night, New Realm Brewing promises a delightful experience infused with good vibes, great food, and exceptional brews.

Ristorante LIDI on Daniel Island Restaurants

Ristorante LIDI on Daniel Island
  • Location: 901 Island Park Dr, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Traditional Italian dishes, cozy ambiance, and familial atmosphere.
  • Price Point: $$$

Tucked away in the heart of Daniel Island, Ristorante LIDI is a veritable treasure for those craving the authentic tastes and aromas of Italy.

Walking into the establishment feels like stepping into a rustic Italian trattoria, where the warmth of the ambience instantly envelopes you, and the iconic red and white checkerboard tablecloths evoke memories of traditional family feasts.

Whether you’re seated indoors surrounded by a comfortable décor or choosing the al fresco experience, Ristorante LIDI never disappoints. The menu is a symphony of Italian classics, catering to both the traditionalist and the adventurous.

From the soul-warming antipasti and soups to the indulgent and perfectly-crafted pizzas, every dish is a testament to the culinary traditions of Italy.

While the vast menu might leave you spoiled for choice, a must-try is the veal. Marinated and cooked to perfection, it is the epitome of Tuscan decadence, bursting with flavors that transport you straight to the sun-drenched regions of Italy.

The essence of Ristorante LIDI is truly that of ‘la dolce vita’ – the good life, full of food, love, and laughter, reminiscent of afternoons at Nona’s house, where food was not just a meal but an experience.

So, if you’re looking to escape to Italy, even if just for a meal, Ristorante LIDI awaits with open arms and delicious dishes.

Daniel Island Grill Daniel Island Restaurants

A Community Hub
Daniel Island Grill Daniel Island
  • Location: 259 Seven Farms Drive, Daniel Island, SC 29492
  • Signature Features: Lively atmosphere, diverse menu, and event-filled evenings.
  • Price Point: $$

If you’re looking to experience a true Daniel Island gem where both locals and visitors feel at home, the Daniel Island Grill menu (or DIG, as the locals call it) is the spot to be.

Boasting both spacious indoor seating and a picturesque open-air dining space, DIG provides an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for any occasion, be it family dinners, friendly get-togethers, or spontaneous date nights.

At the heart of Daniel Island Grill is its authentic menu. It offers an array of American comfort food classics that resonate with the heart and satisfy the soul.

Think golden, crispy chicken and waffles that offer the perfect blend of savory and sweet, or their renowned burgers – loaded and dripping with flavor. Every dish is crafted to remind you of homemade meals, embodying comfort and quality in every bite.

But it’s not just the food that keeps people coming back. The lively atmosphere is amplified with regular events like trivia nights and live music sessions, making it a community hub where memories are made and stories are shared.

Whether you’re cheering for your favorite sports team, testing your knowledge at trivia, or simply enjoying a local brew under the open sky, DIG ensures a memorable experience.

And speaking of brews, Daniel Island Grill takes pride in its curated selection of local beers and wines, ensuring that every meal is complemented with the perfect drink. The staff, warm and attentive, add the finishing touch to the experience, making sure that every guest feels welcomed and cherished.

In essence, Daniel Island Grill encapsulates the spirit of the community – a place of togetherness, fun, and of course, delicious food. So, the next time you’re on Daniel Island and you hear the distant sound of laughter and clinking glasses, you know where to head!

Agaves Cantina Daniel Island Restaurants

Agaves Cantina Daniel Island
A Mexican Fiesta in the Heart of Daniel Island
  • Location: 885 Island Park Dr, Charleston, SC 29492
  • Highlight Authentic Mexican flavors, festive atmosphere, and signature margaritas.
  • Price Point: $$$

When you step into Agaves Cantina, you’re not just entering a restaurant; you’re stepping into a lively Mexican fiesta! Nestled in the heart of Daniel Island, this vibrant eatery brings the rich flavors and festive spirit of Mexico right to Charleston.

The ambiance is an intoxicating mix of tradition and modernity. The interiors are doused in deep, rich colors, juxtaposed with bright, lively décor, creating a setting that’s both cozy and invigorating. It’s easy to lose track of time as you immerse yourself in the melodies of traditional Mexican tunes playing softly in the background.

But the real star of the show at Agaves Cantina is the food. Drawing inspiration from time-honored recipes, the chefs have infused their dishes with a fusion of flavors, reflecting a perfect balance of authenticity and innovation.

Whether it’s their mouth-watering tacos, flavor-packed enchiladas, or sizzling fajitas, every dish promises a gastronomic adventure that tantalizes your taste buds. And for seafood lovers, their ceviche is a must-try!

However, no Mexican feast is complete without a drink in hand. At Agaves Cantina, the drink of choice is, of course, their signature margarita.

Crafted with the finest tequila and fresh ingredients, their margaritas come in an array of flavors, each more refreshing than the last. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your meal or a standalone treat to unwind after a long day.

The staff, always with a smile on their faces, ensure that your experience is seamless. Their warm hospitality and deep knowledge of the menu help guide your culinary journey, making each visit unique.

In essence, Agaves Cantina is more than just a dining destination. It’s a place where memories are made, where every meal feels like a celebration, and where the essence of Mexico is captured in every bite and sip. So, if you’re looking to add some zest and zeal to your day, you know where to head!

Discover the culinary excellence of Daniel Island restaurants. Begin with their breakfast catering, transition to an array of dishes with the lunch catering, and find the perfect brew with coffee catering, all available across 15 distinguished locations.

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