Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner 2023 with Thanksgiving Hours

Walmart free thanksgiving dinner includes eligible items only. Customers have to add this offer to their Ibotta accounts before shopping at Walmart.

Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner

The promotion offers a free Thanksgiving dinner, including a turkey roast, through the Ibotta app. Initially exclusive to Walmart, it’s now available at various stores for 2023. New Ibotta users can easily participate by creating an account and completing certain steps. The free items in the offer include Jiffy, McCormick Gravy Packet, Ocean Spray Cranberry, Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, and a turkey roast, with a total rebate value of about $20.55.

Is Walmart open on Thanksgiving 2023? 

Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

Walmart store does not only limits itself to groceries and pharmacy but also develops holiday meals. Walmart free Thanksgiving dinner is attracting people a lot these days.

But, you have to pass through a process to win this meal that we will discuss here. However, before that, you should know Thanksgiving meals available at Walmart.

Like other traditional meals, Thanksgiving dinner consists of classic recipes, such as Turkey as roasted and its gravy, apple pie, dressing, ham, sweet potatoes, cornbread, cranberry, etc.

Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner Ibotta

The brand commits that Walmart free Thanksgiving meal can serve a family having five members. However, if you have more guests at the event, you can place a separate order which can be a single item or more. But, Ibotta offers many other gifts and rewards for Thanksgiving to help you enjoy its benefits.

Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner 2023

Those who want a Walmart Thanksgiving meal should approach Ibotta and its website. It is promoting its brand by rewarding free Thanksgiving meals.

Like, if you order a meal containing nine foods, you will get the entire money back if you buy it from Walmart. This offer is valid till November 25 as long as the store has pre-cooked meals.

Walmat thanksgiving dinner 2021
  • Walmart Thanksgiving Dinner 2023
    • Great Value Cranberry Sauce, $1.28
    • Jiffy Corn muffin mix, honey, $0.67
    • Turkey (any brand), up to $15
    • McCormick Gravy, $1.12
    • Great Value French Fried Onions, $2.28
    • Coca-Cola (2-liter bottle), $1.98
    • Birds Eye Vegetables (Green Beans), $1
    • Campbell’s Mushroom Soup, $0.98
    • Idahoan Potatoes, $1.88
    • Great Value Flavored Stuffing, $0.82

Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner for Everyone 

Walmart offers many rewards if you shop groceries from here. Like, it gives Walmart Reward Cards if you use a specific bank card. You can search for more Walmart rewards if you often shop at this store.

These rewards are often very helpful in saving a few dollars. Sometimes you get offers like buy one and get one free or get two free, etc. So, whether you buy the Walmart Thanksgiving dinner or grocery, it will be great fun.

Famous Thanksgiving Dinner Prices 2023

Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner California

Whether you live in California or some other state, you can become eligible for free Thanksgiving dinner if you buy specific meals. Walmart has set some items for this promotion.

Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Like, you will have to buy McCormick gravy, Turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, condensed cream for mushroom soup, cranberry sauce, fried onions, green beans, and a two-liter of Coca-Cola drink. You cannot go beyond $20.91 for these meals.

How to Apply For Walmart Thanksgiving Dinner Program 

If you need the Walmart Thanksgiving dinner 2023 without any cost, you will have to sign up with Ibotta. Visit the website before shopping at Walmart, so you can have a free dinner.

However, if you have already bought Thanksgiving meals or groceries, you can still buy free dinners for others.

You can gift the free meal to a deserving family who can’t afford good food at this event. You can save a full meal’s price if you qualify for a free offer by Ibotta and Walmart.

Walmart Free Thanksgiving Dinner Near Me

You can search a nearby Walmart to avail of a promotional meal. You have to be quick to qualify for a free offer at Walmart. You can use the store locator to access a Walmart grocery store in your area.

Before going to the store, download the Ibotta app on your mobile, and add a free meal offer to your account. Now, you will get the cashback when you buy eligible Thanksgiving items from Walmart. 

You can also shop on the Walmart website for this free opportunity. Like, you can connect your Walmart account to the Ibotta extension on chrome to reach a free dinner. The store also offers discounts on butter, pecans, and other Thanksgiving items.

FAQs regarding Walmart Thanksgiving 2023

What is the Walmart Thanksgiving Hours 2023?

Walmart will not be open on Thanksgiving 2023. Just as they were in 2021 and 2022, stores nationwide remain closed on thanksgiving to honor the holiday of peace.

What is the Walmart Thanksgiving discount?

Walmart has announced that they are giving employees more time to take advantage of a 15% discount awarded to those who worked on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the following Saturday.

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